Busier than MadBum on a day’s rest!
Pulling the equivalent of 48 2/3 innings in October, the Bonfire Labs team round out the month with a spectacular triple. Go baseball references! Not only did we own it for another year on Dreamforce, we delivered a global spot for Ricoh, and took on a another tech conference with opening videos for FutureStack 14.
Our output doubled for Salesforce year-over-year. We crafted customer documentaries, keynote introduction videos, product demonstration videos, product overview films, animated billboards, and motion graphics animations for the primary keynote by Marc Benioff.
Back again for a second year, Ricoh trusted us with 90 and 30 second spots for a product refresh of their amazing Theta spherical camera. We didn’t disappoint and delivered a charming spot that demystifies the technology. It even featured a cameo by pro skater Billy Marks.
New Relic chose the Bonfire team to kick the conference video up a notch. Exotic birds, gorillas, crabs, and weird insect thingies replaced IT professionals and business types looking at devices. With a vocal performance from another world and a visual style that woke up the most jaded attendee, the video confirmed “We are ALL data nerds!”
We didn’t even break for lunch!
Not wanting to slow down for a second, we had Nick D entertain us with a lunchtime improv music performance and donned our aprons for a barbecue out in the park. But unlike the Giants who don’t report back to Spring Training until March, we took a short nap after all this activity and are already back at the plate for projects through the end of the year. Check back to keep up with all the goings-on between now and then. Go Bonfire!
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