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  • Animation


    The craft, artistry, and discipline of animation is one of Bonfire Labs' strengths. Whether we’re working on character development, prototyping, storyboarding or motion graphics, the quality of our work shines through. We’re the kings of After Effects, Cinema 4D and the Maya/Houdini.

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  • Brand Development

    Brand Development

    Bonfire Lab's combination of creative ideation, design, and our hands-on "maker" mentality for multi-platform creative means that there are almost no brand marketing projects that we can't tackle. The quality and effectiveness of our work is illustrated by the diversity of our branding projects and client mix.

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  • Broadcast or Web Commercial

    Broadcast or Web Commercial

    When it comes to creating and producing spots, no one else has the in-house talent we do. We have the creative muscle to craft concepts and scripts as good as any obtained from traditional agencies. Production and project management is a well-oiled machine, and our directors, editors, and artists have the taste, talent and experience to meet and beat expectations - every time.

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  • Color Finishing

    Color Finishing

    One of the best kept secrets in San Francisco is our stellar finishing work for broadcast, web or digital use. John Crossley is the key colorist at Bonfire Labs, and over the years has built an exceptional reputation quietly grading and finishing some of the most beautiful work to hit the screens - both big and small.

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  • Digital Experience

    Digital Experience

    We have created interactive storefronts and kiosks, touch screen displays for trade shows, and innovative new technology experiences and installations.

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  • Digital Signage

    Digital Signage

    Our depth of experience in digital signage stems from extensive work for the Apple Store Genius Bar, Visa & Barclays Bank for Times Square in NYC, a giant lobby installation for Yahoo!, numerous multi-screen trade show experiences, as well as interactive storefronts that engage consumers.

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  • eLearning


    We believe in the potential of rich media to effectively enhance the learning experience, whether it’s personal enrichment, for-credit education, or corporate training. We’re excited and passionate about this work, and have a breadth of experience creating course syllabi, writing course materials, and providing content strategy and instructional design to eLearning projects for numerous clients including Airbnb, Apollo Group: University of Phoenix/Lightspeed, and Jaguar Land Rover. We have also designed cross platform interactive content; written, produced and directed the live action content for these experiences, and have integrated courses with various LMS software platforms.

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  • Event Marketing

    Event Marketing

    Whether it's CEOs entrusting us to create the visual fireworks that accompany their keynotes, to anthemic mission videos that launch events and electrify the room - or perhaps animations, loops, show openers, event closers, projections onto buildings, or mobile videos that go viral. Bonfire Labs ensures events and conferences go down in company history.

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  • Ideation


    The creative strategy and development process is alive and well at Bonfire Labs. We love nothing more than developing, generating, and communicating original ideas. Whether we’re problem solving, evolving an existing idea, or developing something completely disruptive, everyone at Bonfire Labs is a creative thinker.

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  • Innovation


    No matter what the marketing or branding challenge is, simple or complex, refined or wild, sensible or humorous, Bonfire Labs applies the latest technology and out-of-the-box thinking to support your brand's promise. We relish a challenge, embrace new ways of thinking, creatively apply the latest technologies, and come up with innovative editorial approaches that put your brand center stage.

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  • Live Action Video Production

    Live Action Video Production

    We have a flexible mindset when it comes to live action production. Understanding that many clients work with smaller budgets, the fact that we own an insert stage, cameras, grip and lighting equipment certainly comes in handy. On the other side of the coin, many of our line producers have produced for some of the biggest documentary and commercial directors in the industry. We use either staff directors, or bring in specialists - whatever the project calls for. We have deep experience and strong relationships, adding production value to shoots both big and small.

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  • Mobile


    Our mobile services for marketing or commercial video development and site design are stellar, with a full understanding of visual optimization techniques across multiple orientations and devices, file format and latency challenges, responsive design formats, device compatibility and robust knowledge of the latest html5 and CSS guidelines.

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  • Motion Design

    Motion Design

    Motion Design is an integral part of the filmmaking and video creative we deliver at Bonfire Labs. Whether it's kinetic typography, opening sequences, web-based animations, or three-dimensional logos, we bring exceptional movement, sophistication and creative vision to each and every project.

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  • Motion Prototyping

    Motion Prototyping

    You would be surprised how many companies come to Bonfire Labs to ask for help in creating beautiful, functional, user interface(UI) design. These clients often have the finer points of a new product formalized from a feature and engineering standpoint, but need help creating a pleasing & satisfying user experience(UX). We commonly work from client specifications, ultimately delivering thoughtfully designed creative to engineering teams for implementation.

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  • Out of Box Experience

    Out of Box Experience

    As part of a new product release package, many clients are in need of a start-up video reel or an initial online experience reel. Some OOBEs are pure design with lots of entertainment factors built-in, while others lead first time users through a successful set-up process. Regardless of the direction taken, we create these videos to enhance the initial product experience and excite new users/owners.

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  • Testimonial or Documentary

    Testimonial or Documentary

    More and more of our clients are asking for reality based content to tell their story. Videos that describe the customer experience, or videos that provide insight into the culture of our client's organization are often requested. We have also used a documentary approach to illustrate product integration into interesting situations. For these projects, Bonfire Labs oversees the live action production, and either uses staff directors, or (if the job calls for it) brings in one of our many partner directors.

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  • Visual Editorial

    Visual Editorial

    We presently accomodate up to six Final Cut suites on site. With staff editor Robbie Proctor onboard, we attract the best freelance editors in the business and can manage your project from soup to nuts (including transcoding, edit, graphics design & finish, color grading in Smoke, and finishing output for broadcast, web, or digital projection). We also provide music supervision, and scratch tracks along the way in preparation for final audio.

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  • Visual Product Explanation

    Visual Product Explanation

    From the purely functional, to videos that explain a complex concept or product offering, we find a way to make them stylish and entertaining. Even before the web video we produced for Salesforce, "What is Cloud Computing?" went viral, we had done explanatory, "How-To/Demo" videos for a wide variety of clients. The typical questions that need to be addressed: "How do I explain the complex to the layman?", "How does the UI work?", "What are the features?", "Why is this product relevant to me?".

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  • Web Design/Development

    Web Design/Development

    Bonfire Labs brings advanced knowledge of the most robust Content Management Systems (CMS), responsive design techniques and challenges, UI/UX designs, as well as strong partnerships with firms whose core strengths fall within data management, development, web strategy and user metrics & analytics. We provide a full spectrum of development services to your projects - all led by the most robust, innovative and engaging creative team.

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