THX Exploration

THX tasked Bonfire Labs with a multi-faceted rebranding exploration — one that would match George Lucas’ initial idea for pure, truthful visual art and sound. The project consisted of a short brand film, a long brand film, in addition to a fully redesigned and technically updated website (on the latest WordPress platform with support for their back-end client/vendor product databases).

After an initial discovery phase with the THX marketing leadership, we explored creative concepts for their vision films, and the web site experience. Our collaboration with the marketing team on the web phase of the exploration began with wireframes and what the expected user experience (UX) would look like. Together we created a prototype that would make sense for the various types of users visiting their site:  consumers, professionals, and enterprise clients.

We spent months working with THX on the films, while concurrently refining and streamlining the technology and content for the site. Content from the existing site was refined, removed and in some cases, newly written to work with the brand’s strategy – and then redesigned and rebuilt from the ground up. The new site exploration was designed to be more spacious, open, and wide with imagination – living up to the brand’s identity.