Brunello Cucinelli

Salesforce partnered with Bonfire Labs to develop this unique customer story for their client, Brunello Cucinelli – the 40 year old Italian fashion brand.

Highlighting the philosophy of humanism that Brunello Cucinelli brings to business, and shot on location in Italy, the film focuses on the very human and emotional nature of their business, the trust they strive to maintain with their employees and customers, and the integral role Salesforce plays within their company.

Bonfire Labs sifted through multiple interviews (conducted in Italian) and hours of footage to bring this story to life, managing all the post-production, including editorial, 2D graphics and subtitles.

The film premiered at Dreamforce 2018 during CEO Marc Benioff’s keynote address, to demonstrate the transformative effects Brunello Cucinelli and Salesforce are having on their customers around the world.

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