Databricks is changing the big-data game by unifying data science, engineering and business, but its story is complex and requires a bit of explanation. From the creators of Apache Spark, Databricks help clients with cloud-based big data processing using Spark across healthcare, life sciences, media, IoT and energy, among others.

In the enterprise business, the last mile of big data is storytelling, and it was no different for Databricks. While data scientists generally get the value proposition, Bonfire Labs was brought in to help tell the story to the rest of the organization. Using a combination of live action and motion graphics, Bonfire Labs was able to simply communicate the brand’s value proposition by telling the story of a team working together.

The result is a category-defining 2-minute piece that quickly and elegantly conveys the brand promise to users of all stripes. While everyone else is just talking about making big data work in the future, Databricks is delivering on the promise in the here and now.