Reel Summit

This video was part of an opening keynote presentation with a globally recognized Video Marketing & Commerce Summit. Bonfire Labs was asked to write, create, and produce a video using a combination of animation and viral video content. It tells the story of how important and impactful video has become in today’s culture through some of the most popular viral videos of 2012 and 2013. The video was shown to summit attendees during the opening keynote for an event in San Francisco by the Summit’s producers, as a means to “set the tone” for the audience and the agenda to come. It shows online video as a powerful, burgeoning media format whose importance to marketers and advertisers could no longer be ignored, but rather, embraced. The video itself starts with a very relevant real-world analogy, told by one of the world’s most renowned actors. It continues with a fluid deconstruction and morph of the video player, along the way showing relevant examples of viral videos and viral advertising that have entertained, amused and enlightened a global audience. The close brings the eventual reconstruction of the player with an example of how things don’t always work out (.01% of the time).